LUNCH MONEY GANG FT BDAHT (THE MONKEY SONG) produced by @showdownbeatz

The members of Lunch Money are G-Wiz, Ralphy, and PhillyFonz. These guys are currently making music in Greensboro, North Carolina. They said Lunch Money has regular jobs just like everyone else. The cool thing about their jobs is that these guys work at a local group home for people with special needs.

The Lunch Money Gang recently released a mixtape called “The Blank CD (produced by showdown).” The guys said that they are not currently signed, leaving them without a label. They are satisfied without a label for now because it leaves them to make whatever kind of music they want.

Ralphy also mention that Lunch Money came to the interview in Hickory, NC from a photo shoot in South Carolina, for their song called “Cereal for Lunch.” The song is partly about their newly adapted lifestyle: cereal for lunch.


One thought on “LUNCH MONEY GANG FT BDAHT (THE MONKEY SONG) produced by @showdownbeatz

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